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Legacy of Excellence

A-PRO began operations in 1989 as a joint venture subsidiary of Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. and Messier-Hispano-Bugatti, internationally renowned manufactures of aircraft and landing systems respectively. Today, Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. and Safran Landing Systems direct A-PRO on its course of producing the highest quality service available in the market. For the past three decades, A-PRO has met the challenges of being a preferred O.E.M. repair and overhaul facility for landing gear, hydraulic components, flight controls and accessory units. Through quality of product and service, A-PRO has extended its OEM approved MRO accreditation to include Piaggio, Sikorsky and Embraer, to name a few.

Some Highlights of our 30 years of operation include the following:

Aero Precision Repair & Overhaul is created
First F20 Landing Gear Overhaul is completed
First DEQ product repaired at APRO
First F-50 Landing Gear Overhaul is completed.
First Falcon Brake Overhauls
First ATR42 Landing Gear Overhaul is completed.
First F900 Landing Gear Overhaul is completed.
1000 th Landing Gear overhauled
1000 th Brake Overhauled
First F2000 Landing Gear Overhauls
First Piaggio P180 Landing Gear Overhauls
Dauphin Helicopter Ret./Ext. Gear Actuators Restorations for USCG
First F15 Gear restorations for Boeing completed
First 7X Landing Gear Overhauls completed.
5900 th Gear Overhauled, 73,000 Accessories repaired


A-PRO’s expertise is applicable to all Falcon models of aircraft as well as ATR, Piaggio, Sikorsky, Airbus Helicopters, Boeing, and Embraer
products. We primarily support ATA chapters 27, 29 and 32 to include landing gears, hydraulic components, flight controls, brakes, wheels, and
wheel and tire installation. A-PRO is always looking to expand our services. Contact us to see how we can support your needs. For a complete list
of capabilities, click here

Exceptionally Skilled Workforce

A-PRO ensures that all of its technicians are O.E.M. trained using the latest advancements in technology, and have extensive knowledge of the products we service and support. A-PRO departmentalizes the specialized skills of its staff members by function and component to finely hone our technical product knowledge. Our highly qualified engineers and staff are factory trained and communicate daily with the O.E.M. A-PRO’s reliable, innovative and knowledgeable workforce is dedicated to assuring the safety of your aircraft, passengers and crew.

World Class Facility

A-PRO’s 40,000 square foot facility is largely comprised of accessories and landing gear shops so that a concentration of excellence can be achieved by each area of expertise. Our support operations include a machine shop, a non-destructive testing department, a bushing shop, a paint shop and media blasting rooms. As part of the Dassault Aircraft Services network, A-PRO is uniquely qualified as the only facility in the Western Hemisphere to have O.E.M. designed test benches, backed by a large piece part inventory to support operations

Turn Time

By listening to our customers, A-PRO has developed programs which cater exclusively to your needs. Whether your require a quick turn for a landing gear overhaul or on a functional check for an accessory, A-PRO is capable of responding to your needs. A-PRO offers both rentals and exchanges on select programs. Customers can also choose to replace internal components with new or overhauled materials to expedite time-constrained processes and reduce the overall turn time on landing gear overhauls.

Customer Service

A-PRO’s longevity in the aviation industry has enabled us to develop strong and solid customer relationships. Some of our loyal corporate and commercial operators have entrusted A-PRO with their entire fleets of aircraft for multiple rounds of fleet overhauls, spanning our more than 30 year history. A-PRO understands the impact that these relationships have on our business and on yours.

Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable customer service representatives is always available to you. Their sole purpose is to make sure that your
needs are met every step of the way. Whether you come directly to A-PRO or through a service center, be assured that you are receiving
steadfast service on your equipment. A-PRO strives to earn your trust.

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