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A-PRO Unveils Major Renovation and Facility Improvements

Investment Highlights A-PRO’s Commitment to
Deerfield Beach and the Aviation Community

 (Deerfield Beach, Florida, December 13, 2013) – A-PRO (Aero Precision Repair and Overhaul) today unveiled a $1,000,000 renovation and streamlining operation that will enhance the business’s capabilities and improve both the quality and timeliness of service for its global customer base. A-PRO overhauls landing gear and components for general aviation, commercial aviation and military customers around the world.

“A-PRO has been a part of the Deerfield Beach community for nearly a quarter of a century. To underscore our commitment to both the local community as well as to our many customers across the globe, we’ve made significant capital investments to our facility and processes that will not only improve our ability to serve our customers, but will help us to continue to be competitive, profitable and successful in the years to come,” said Darren Burge, A-PRO President.

Among the many improvements is a complete reorganization of the facility’s production flow to improve turnaround time. Modern vertical storage systems free up existing space and make access to supplies more convenient. Upgraded, more expansive paint systems have been installed that are more efficient and safer for employees, in addition to new air handling equipment that improves air quality in the facility. Reorganization in the machine shop allows multiple machines to be used by a single operator while simultaneously increasing job efficiency.

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